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It Takes Two
  • Developer: Hazelight Studios
  • Genre: 🎮 Action-adventure
  • Version:
User Rating: Rating 4.67

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Release Date
March 26, 2021
Hazelight Studios
Electronic Arts
🎮 Action-adventure
Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, Nintendo Switch


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Embark on the Craziest Journey of Your Life With It Takes Two Game!

Addison Murphy

It Takes Two is an action-adventure video game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It follows May and Cody, two characters who have been turned into dolls as a result of a mysterious spell cast by their daughter. Players control both characters as they explore a fantastical world, solve puzzles, and battle enemies in order to lift the curse. The game has been praised for its unique co-op mechanics, vibrant visuals, and fun gameplay.


The game looks absolutely stunning on PC and console platforms. The adopts a cartoonish art style that is full of vibrant colors and detailed environments. Every area of the game is lovingly crafted with plenty of characterful details that players can discover as they explore.

The character models look great too, It Takes Two download with each character having its own unique look that fits in perfectly with the overall aesthetic. The lighting effects are especially impressive, with dynamic lighting that changes depending on the time of day or weather conditions in the game world.


Features an innovative co-op system where players must work together to progress through the story. Each character has their own unique abilities that must be used cooperatively to solve puzzles or progress through areas of the game world. It Takes Two download for pc has also various mini-games scattered throughout the levels where players must work together in order to complete them successfully. In addition to this, also has various enemies that must be defeated in order for players to progress through the story, which can be done either by working together or by taking advantage of each character's unique abilities.


Features both local and online co-op gameplay, allowing players to team up with strangers alike in order to experience the story together. Players can choose either Player 1 or Player 2 when they join a session, allowing them to control either May or Cody respectively while playing together online or locally via split-screen mode on It Takes Two for free console platforms.


The game offers plenty of replayability thanks to its various collectibles scattered throughout each level and its wide selection of upgradeable weapons for both characters. In It Takes Two for free download players can also unlock new skins for their characters as they play through the story, giving them an added incentive to keep playing even after completing it once already.


  1. What is It Takes Two game?
    It is an action-adventure cooperative platformer published by Electronic Arts. The game follows the story of Cody and May, two dolls who must work together to save their marriage. The game features a unique two-player cooperative gameplay experience, with full character customization and a variety of puzzles and challenges.
  2. What platforms can I play the game on?
    The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and MacOS.
  3. How many players can play the game?
    It requires two players to play the game in local or online co-op mode.
  4. Does It Takes Two for PC have any DLC?
    Yes! The Friend’s Pass DLC allows you to invite a friend to join your game without them having to purchase the game.
  5. Is there an online multiplayer mode?
    No, it does not offer online multiplayer mode.


Overall, It is an excellent action-adventure video game that offers an entertaining co-op experience from start to finish thanks to its innovative mechanics and vibrant visuals. It Takes Two for Windows 11 replayability thanks to its collectibles and upgradeable weapons while also providing a fun online multiplayer mode so that players can team up with friends or strangers alike in order to progress through its story together.


  • Fun and engaging co-op gameplay;
  • The graphics are colorful and charming;
  • Excellent soundtrack;
  • Local and download It Takes Two online co-op options;
  • Plenty of puzzles to solve;
  • Rewarding skill tree system;
  • Achievements and rewards for progress.


  • Long loading times;
  • Levels can get play It Takes Two online repetitive;
  • Some players may find the puzzles too easy/hard.

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